About Us​

At Riymar, we prioritize the satisfaction of our consumers and vendors, establishing ourselves as the ultimate go-to source for high-quality surfacing products at unbeatable prices.

Our commitment to providing a user-friendly experience extends to secure payments and order tracking, ensuring complete transparency from the start of the order through to delivery right at their doorstep.

We aim to be the most trusted, customer-sentric, multichannel B2B/B2C surface material trade platform in KSA.

Our Mission

At Riymar, we connect authentic buyers and suppliers locally – with tailored solutions and trusted market intelligence. We strive to help customers get in line with the dynamics of a changing world and seize new opportunities and add greater ease of access.

Why Choose Us

We are commitment to enhance our local communities quality of life through enabling access to a larger market, & through promoting authentic local trade-from-home business.

Customers First

Strive for Excellence

Results Oriented

We Succeed, You Succeed

Innovation Driven

Powered by Data

Honesty & Integrity

Our core belief

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